Saturday, July 21, 2018

1 Stop Family Pop Up @ Lower West Side!

Hi! We enjoyed a beautiful Saturday at the Chelsea Block Party put on by Infirnity
on 26thstreet, between 9 and 10thAvenue. Thank you, Lisa!

Left is guest artist Yoko’s tent. Right is a lactation space and diaper changing table. A play yard is located between the tents.
Inside the lactation tent, there are chairs, stools, hand pumps, pumping bags, breast pads, a nursing Boppy pillow, ice and a cooler bag to store pumped milk, nipple cream, a nursing cover, and more! Women can feel welcome to nurse or pump in this private, sanitary, (quieter) location.

On the other side of the lactation space, there is a diaper changing table stocked with supplies (and clothes in case of accidents), as well as a potette for older children who are potty training.

The stroller parking area is pictured here.

This is our guest artist, Yoko! The man behind Yoko is her son, Daigo. In the workshop Yoko proposed and led, participants created reusable wraps made with cotton cloth and beeswax. These wraps are used as an eco-friendly alternative to zip lock bags, plastic wrap, or tinfoil to preserve and store food.
Participants picked a favorite cloth pattern.  Yoko then dipped it in melted beeswax.
After the wax cooled, participants shaved the wax to flatten the wraps. 
Daigo supported his mother, Yoko, explaining how participants could recreate the process at home.
Rica recruited passersbys to Yoko’s workshop, explaining what she was doing, how, and why.
Many families utilized the diaper-changing table, including moms, grandmothers, and fathers.
Can you see the outline of a mom breastfeeding inside the tent?

Another mom was changing a diaper outside; the two are kept separate for sanitary and privacy reasons, as we have men change diapers as well. A volunteer high school student was sitting outside to  monitor the tent and answer questions.

Christine, who brought her four month old baby to the event, and a pregnant woman and her friend talk in front of the lactation tent.
Thanks to Yoko for the amazing workshop!

Guest artist: Yoko Fukuda
Make Your Own Reusable Beeswax Wrap
Yoko Fukuda was born in Japan. She is a mother artist whose life was inspired and improved by art. She lives with her husband, son and daughter in NY since 1995. Her project promotes using sustainable items for daily life, such as this eco-friendly beeswax wrap. 

Yoko’s contact: elephant.zousan @

If you're interested in having us at a NYC event near you, please contact us at

One Stop Family Pop Up is supported by Citizens Committee for NYC, and New York Foundation for the Arts.

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