Monday, August 20, 2018

Enjoy our free workshops and public art while enjoying outdoor event. Bring your family and stay a while - we've got the accommodations!

We are very excited to announce that our One Stop Family Pop Up will be part of Boogie On The Boulevard street event!

August 26th
From 2:00- 6:00pm
Place: Grand Concourse between 165 and 166thstreet, The Bronx

Absolutely Quick, Easy, and Delicious Japanese Cooking at Home!,” Food workshop and demonstration.
Making their own Japanese food ingredients by peeling cloves of garlics and soaking them in soy sauce. Demonstration of how to cook easy and delicious everyday Japanese food at home, using the same garlic infused soy sauce. 
Guest artist, Yukiyo Nagata, 

By cooking at home regularly, a family can afford healthier and more nutritious meals, and stretch the limited budget. My dream is to have a food van, which can prepare and offer many different cultures’ home style food at different places, particularly at economically disadvantaged area for free. By tasting unfamiliar food, we can physically experience different cultures (regardless within or outside the U.S.). 
America is getting more segregated by income, culture, religion, and race. The upward mobility in the United States is in decline. When this social system is pulling the citizens further apart and pitting the disenfranchised against each other in order to maintain the wealth of fortunate few, the rest of us have to band together and arm each other with knowledge to survive and prosper in the future. 
When many people can’t (or don’t) cross over to see “the other side”, the food van can bring “the other side” to them in order to satisfy the hunger of body and mind. 

POKETTO”, participatory public art installation - "If you could find anything you wished in a pocket what would it be? Write it. Draw it. Leave It in a pocket. Read what others said.” 
BringPOCKETS from your precious old clothes! They could be added on the installation.
Guest artist, Hiromi Niizeki

Hiromi asks people to stop for a short time and think about what is important to them and why. Participants may respond to the question by drawing, writing and/or creating small pieces of art work to leave in the pockets. 

Both workshops will be flanked by our One Stop accommodations: A private and hygenic lactation space, a diaper changing and potette area, stroller parking, and a play space. We also provide smaller chairs for children to participate in workshops.

If you are interested in having us at a NYC event near you, contact us at

We appreciate BxArts FactoryInstitute for Family Health/ Bronx Health REACH, and Bronx Museum of the Arts. One Stop Family Pop Up is supported by Citizens Committee for NYC, and New York Foundation for the Arts.

Boogie event was blast!

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