Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Boogie event was blast!

Boogie On The Boulevard was always blast event!

Our three tents: lactation & diaper changing station, and two parent artists tents were set in food related block. 

The Boogie event was filled with many family participants. 

We were proud of providing a private lactation space, a diaper changing table, a set of priority area, a play yard, and nuts-free table. We also used multiple languages for these services in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Bengali. 

We made a special flyer of a list of app resources that are convenient for all families: Restroom locator, Diaper changing space locater, Breast feeding/Pumping space for moms locater, Community spaces open to public lists, MTA service changing schedule map, MTA elevator service lists,
Maternity/Family leave resources, and Resources of returning to work. There were QR codes of these all resources on the flyer, so everybody can find and reach the source in glance.
 The woman wore our pregnant belly sculpture then tried to take off shoes and put on sitting on a chair. It was not easy!

Passersby were very curious about Making Beeswax Wrap WS. Many people didn’t know about this alternative idea instead of using general plastic wrap. We felt many people wanted to reduce plastic wrap, but they just didn’t know how to do it. 

A parent artist Yoko explained why she started to do this WS, how it works, and how to make by yourself. Around 65 visitors participated in the Ws and learned how it worked. Yoko has started to reduce plastic products these years, and ended up holding the Making Beeswax Wrap WS for spreading the eco-friendly idea in a practical way.

A student volunteer helped a participant how to use the wrap in using Origami folding technique.

Yoko put a cloth into a hot pot of melting beeswax.

Participants got some organic snack in their hand made container made by Beeswax wrap.

Passersby gathered to Making Onigiri Rice ball WS. 

Another parent artist Yuki prepared six kinds ofingredients to put inside the rice ball. 

Yuki’s concept is we can learn each other’s culture through learning home cooking. Home cooking is different from plates of restaurants. Yuki introduced how to make a rice ball that you cannot usually see on a menu in NYC Japanese restaurant, but is also soul food of Japanese people.

Yuki and volunteer students put some rice on a bio-plastic wrap on participant’s palm. The participant selected any ingredients they like to put in rice ball. 

She was making rice a ball shape using her hands. 
Enjoy the rice ball! 

Thanks for making these activities possible: Citizens Comitteee NYC, Bronx Health Reach, Boogie On The Boulevard Comittee members, Bronx Museum, Materials For The Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, and volunteer students from Japanese Culture Club of The Bronx High School of Science.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

See you at Shore Fest!

Hi! We will set a table 
at Shore Fest on Saturday, 
1-5pm, Sep 21. at Astoria Park. 

We will distribute useful informations of One Stop Family Pop Up, Ramp Project NYC, and @UP-STAND. 
You will also get a sample of Healthy Matcha Summer Drink 
by @Homecookingoftheworld.

Please come and enjoy the fest with us!
Thanks Astoria Park Alliance Citizens Committee for New York City

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Let's Boogie! Bring your family to the outdoor event and enjoy fun time without worry

We are excted to be part of the great event,
#Boogieblvd on Sunday 2-6pm September 15th,
Grand Concours bet 167-165 steet.
(The nearest station is Yankee Studium or 167th street station)

We will bring a lactation space, a diaper-changing station, a play-yard, priority seating area, and a free art show and workshop led by parent artists. 

Bring your family to the big outdoor event and enjoy fun time without worry about a place for breastfeeding , pumping or diaper changing.

We will carry two workshops by parent artists!

Making Onigiri rice ball workshop by Home Cooking of the World
The eyes of your mind open when experiencing the joy of making your own food and tasting unknown flavor from different cultures.
You can make a rice ball with a choice of ingredients!! I am preparing several different ingredients, including sweet and salty tuna, salty salmon flakes, Spam!, corn mayo!

Making Beeswax Wrap workshop by Yoko Yoko
Living with sustainable material -
Reusable beeswax wraps provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap.
Making beeswax fabric wrap is a rewarding project; not only is it a great way to use up scraps of old cotton fabric but also a way to end plastic pollution.
We can use recycled baby dress shirts and crib bed sheets to give them new life and preserve their memories. Wraps adhere to a cup, a bowl or can be used to wrap up a sandwich and left over food!

Our project is supportd by Citizens Comittee for NYC, Bronx Health Reach, UP-Stand, and New York Foundation for the Arts. We appprictae a volunteer group from Japan Culture Club of Bronx High School of Science.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Conversations | Rica Takashima and Christine Yearwood

New York Foundation for the Arts published an article about our project!! 

Conversations | Rica Takashima and Christine Yearwood’s “One Stop Family Pop Up”

Please take a look the page here!

Our next station will be Boogie on the Boulevard .
Sunday 2-6pm, September 15th. 
Grand Concouse between 166-167th street, The Bronx
Healthy food area

We will bring full set of two tents for family accommodations: a lactation space, a diaper-changing station, a play-yard, priority seating area.

We also focus on parents artists.
There will be free workshops, 
・Making Beeswax reusable wrap workshop by Yoko Yoko.
Making Onigiri rice ball by Yuki Nagata of Home Cooking of the World
Wearable belly and Pregnant woman-Peekaboo sculpture by Rica Takashima

Thanks Citizens Committee for New York City, New York Foudation for the Arts, UP-STAND and Bronx Helth Reach.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Marion Street Park Association Block Party!

In spite of bad weather forecast, we had a very nice day at Marion Street Park Association Block Party.
We were very pleased to set our accommodations inside the beautiful Marion Street Park. 
 Our guest artists, a Capoeira group, Ile De Palmares, held a demonstration and a workshop there.

Ile De Palmares’s demonstration on the street.
Their music and performance attracted people.
Some girl wanted to learn capoeira right away.

They held instruction workshop to kids individually at glorious lawn space of the park too.
Some kids were very enthusiastic for learning capoeira techniques. 

Our collaborator, Yuki of Home Cooking of the World, cooked Curry Noodle Soup.
She explained to people about why it is important for her project, and ingredients of the soup of the day during her cooking. 

Enjoy the food!

We set a new parasol for a play yard and priority seats area.

We set a new small private place for potty training.
A new setting with an electric pumping tool, and a fan.

Thank you Marion Street Park Association for having us!

About Ile De Palmares:
Capoeira (cap·o·ei·ra) is an Afro-Brazilian martial art disguised as a dance. It was created in the 16th century by enslaved Africans in Brazil who used it to liberate themselves. We hold classes almost every day of the week at a variety of locations throughout New York City, for both adults and children. Beginners and advanced students are welcomed. Classes are held in Long Island City, Queens; Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Lower East Side, Manhattan; and Flushing, Queens.

We are a community of like-minded individuals who support each other and strive towards understanding our true potential. Together, we are committed to a lifetime journey of mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Ready for an experience of your life? Our classes are an hour and a half which consist of a warmup, stretching, basic Capoeira movements, music and games. Arrive to class with comfortable clothing, a bottle of water and a smile.

One Stop Family Pop Up is supported by Citizens Committee for New York City, and fiscally sponsored by New York Foundation for the Arts.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Block Party of Marion Street Park!


We are excited to collaborate with #MarionStreetBlockAssociation,
one of grantee of @CitizensNYC
on this Saturday, August 3rd Noon-7pm
at Marion Street, Between Rockaway Avenue and Thomas S. Boyland Street.

We will bring all our accommodation that all families need:
a Lactation place, a Diaper changing table, a Potty space, Play yard,

Enjoy our workshop with
Family Capoeira group, @iledepalmares
& parent artist, Home Cooking of the World

Boogie event was blast!

Boogie On The Boulevard was always blast event! Our three tents: lactation & diaper changing station, and two parent artists tents ...