Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Shopping at Materials For The Arts

Alongside our accommodations, we also host a workshop for families at each event.  We are excited to announce that we have now selected our guest artists from our open call!

We arranged a trip to the Materials For The Arts  for three of our guest artists last week.

The materials they picked up will be used in their One Stop Family Pop Up workshops, free to the public.
We were very excited to receive these supplies at no cost!

Thanks to all of the donors and Materials For The Arts for supporting artists’ projects around NYC!
Gina Verdi, One Stop Family Pop Up guest artist: "I was focusing on flexible, shiny, and transparent items. I also got practical items: a box, some clothesline, some big envelopes with clear windows, etc for setup/directions."
"Here are the phone cases I got at MFTA. They are flexible plastic. My plan is to have people cut off the edges of the cases to make a flat piece and use them in the sensory gel bags. "
 We hope you get to join one of our workshops soon!

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